Coffee Club | Coffee Menu
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Various flavoured syrups available, ask your server for choices All available decaffeinated


Reg. Large Espresso Short and strong £1.90 £2.20

Americano Long black £2.20 £2.50

Flat White £2.30 £2.60

Cafe Latte £2.40 £2.70

Cappuccino £2.40 £2.70

Mellochino With marshmallows £2.70

Mocha £2.80 Mochaccino £2.70

Coffee and chocolate with whipped cream Coffee and chocolate with frothy milk Iced Mocha £3.80

Iced Coffee, or Iced Chocolate £3.80

Coffee, chocolate, ice cream and whipped cream Ice Cream and whipped cream Hot chocolate Cream, flake or marshmallows £2.80

Hot Chocolate £2.50




English Breakfast Tea £1.80

Earl Grey £2.00

Lapsang Souchong £2.00

Chamomile £2.00 Green Tea

£2.00 Decaffeinated Tea

Lemon and Ginger £2.00

Peppermint £2.00

Forest Fruits £2.00

We are closed until December 2nd 2020 but we are taking bookings for December. If you would like to make any enquiries or bookings please contact us via email at