Coffee Club | Drinks Menu
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Our Drinks Menu

Bottle of House Wine Red, White or Rose £14.95

(125ml) £3.50

(175ml) £4.50

(250ml) £5.50

Sparkling Wines


Prosecco Brut Italian favourite, dry enough to drink with anything

Glass £4.50 / Bottle £21.00

Sparkling Rose Slightly aromatic, with a hint of strawberry fruits

Glass £4.50 / Bottle £21.00

Red Wines Merlot Australian, A delicious well balanced fruity wine

GLASS £4.50



Red Wines


Merlot Australian, A delicious well balanced fruity wine


Shiraz A classic Barossa Valley Shiraz, ripe mulberry and plum with subtle vanilla and spice


Argentinian Malbec Rich, plummy, dark and juicy


Rioja Reserva Spanish, silky fruits mingle with vanilla and creamy spices





Pinot Grigio Blush Italian, a delicate hint of pink, soft and succulent flavours


White Wines


Pinot Grigio Italian, light aromatic peach flavours


Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand, wonderful gooseberry aromas, fantastic fruit purity


Chardonnay Australian, tropical fruit, citrus and subtle oak characters


Sancerre French, intense citrus and herb flavours with a pure minerality and a long delicate finish





Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial Delicious Champagne from France


Premium Ale of the Week

500ml £4.60

Peroni Bottle 330ml


Asahi Lager Bottle 660ml


Becks Blue Bottle 275ml (non-alcoholic)


Spirits 35-70ml


Liqueurs 35-70ml


Fortified Wines 50ml

Martini, Port, Sherry



Soft Drinks


San Pellegrino 750ml


Mineral Water 330ml


Fresh Orange Juice


Mixers Splash/Bottle


San Pellegrino Sparkling Orange or Lemon 330ml


Tomato, Mango, Apple, or Cranberry Juice


Lemonade, Pepsi, DietPepsi and Lime Soda

£2.00 / Large £3.00

We are closed until December 2nd 2020 but we are taking bookings for December. If you would like to make any enquiries or bookings please contact us via email at